Website Reloaded: New Direction, Goals + Plans for the Future


The site looks bare. Yeah, I know. :) I’m working on that. I took time off to determine the future of my blog.

Part of that process is learning what value I can offer my readers and how to best present that information. During the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of launching various projects and I’ve discovered my passion.

Selling products, marketing products, ecommerce, social media, community building and internet marketing.

Once I made this realization, the rest came easy. I wiped my blog clean of outdated content. Worked on a design makeover. Now I’m creating fresh content based on everything I’ve learned.

I’ve had wins and losses. I’ll be sharing both.

I’m not an expert at ecommerce. So this blog will serve as a playground of ideas where I can test new concepts, document what’s working and learn from my failures.

The site will be fully-reloaded within a few more weeks. To be notified of the relaunch sign up for the newsletter or follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Thanks for being patient,