Brand, Build & Launch Challenge: Getting Started


Welcome to week one. Well, I’m really behind so we’ll call this week one for conversations sake.

I hoped you’ve had a chance to read the Brand, Build & Launch: Introduction post. It will give you background on where I began and a short list on what you need to get started.

I’ll go into detail on the steps listed below, but I need to let you know something if you’re just joining us in this challenge. [Read more…]

Brand Spotlight: Shari Neal Williams and Bon Bon Vie Apparel


I’ve been inspired by many different people across the web. We all do it. Quietly stalk pages for people/brands who seeming have it all together and think – WOW! I wonder how they do it all?

Shari of Bon Bon Vie Apparel was like that for me. I stumbled across her brand years ago (before I decided to launch my own line) and was just in awe that this girl was getting sh*t done. From her shop layout, the professional design, photoshoots, and viral products. Everywhere I looked I saw people wanting, wearing and posting themselves in their Brown Skin Lady tees. I even purchased a few for myself.

She seemed to have figured out the magic mixture of building a relevant brand with products people love.

Then it happened. I read a post saying she was taking a break for health reasons. I was in shock. I felt like I knew her. But did I? Because of her story and features across the web, I bought my first set of shirt from ThreadBird.

I thought, if I cold use the same screen printer for my shirt, I’d be on my way to building a brand as solid as hers. She was my first t-shirt mentor (in my head). So when she reached out to me telling me how much she loved my brand, I had to tell her. How many times has that happened in your life? Crazy, right?

Crazy, right?

This is why I hopped at the chance to ask her to be the first brand spotlight on the blog.

So let’s dig in.

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Five Lies People Tell Themselves Which Prevent Them From Launching An Online Shop


I subscribe to Mariah Coz from Femtrepreneur’s newsletter and over the weekend, she sent an email that made me think. It was called “Lies & Garbage,” where she goes on to explain all the garbage and lies people tell about building and selling online courses.

Many of you know that Mariah creates info products to help you build a successful online business. But some of what she mentioned could easily be applied to makers and creators who sell tangible products too.

So I used Mariah’s email as inspiration to create my own list.

It’s called, “Five lies people tell themselves which prevent them from launching an online shop”.

Let’s go. [Read more…]

Brand, Build & Launch Challenge: Introduction


One of my goals with this blog was to not only share with you how I built my own brands, but to also guide you in building your own. People often get stuck even before they begin because they lack the tools and confidence to take action.

Don’t be scared. We’re in this together.

This is where the Brand, Build & Launch Challenge comes in.

I have a great idea for a new brand that I want to launch. I will show you step by step what I’m doing before I open my new online shop.

I will break down each step and dissect what tools or methods I use to complete each task. Weekly I will post about my accomplishments and failures.

We will keep each other motivated. We’ll be virtual accountability partners. [Read more…]