A Shout Out to 9 to 5’ers with a Business on the Side


Being an entrepreneur can be an incredibly lonely journey. Most times neither your friends nor family will understand what you do. They’ll see you working day and night, with little to no reward and wonder why you just can’t be happy with your 9 to 5 gig.

I mean. You should be thankful that you even have a job, right?


You can be thankful for being gainfully employed and fulfill a desire to build a life around a passion that’s profitable.

Yes. You can do both.

And don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

When I stumbled across this post by Kelly Lynn Adams in a group on Facebook, I thought it summed up my life perfectly.

It’s a shout out 9 to 5’ers with a business on the side and it was so real, I had to share. [Read more…]

10 Things I Learned About Myself in 2015 (And How I’ll Fix It)


It’s January 2016. A time to reflect, exude positive energy and make plans for the year ahead. I don’t know about you, but this past year hasn’t been without it’s troubles.

Troubles? Who am I kidding? This year has been full of mess ups. Mostly my own doing. Because when you’re a business owner it’s always your fault. Right?

I’ll be honest. There were a few days (or months, let’s be for real) when I just wanted to give up.

After reading Johnathan’s post on Blavity titled, “16 Painful Lessons I Learned in 2015 While Trying to Be An Adult“, I was inspired to share my own year of struggles. A look back at things that happened and how I plan to improve them moving forward.

Learn from my mistakes.

I know I will. [Read more…]

Review: My Love + Hate Relationship with The Printful


My love affair with The Printful started in May 2015. As a small shop owner who became overwhelmed with hand printing, packing and shipping shirts each month from my online store, I needed help. A LOT of help. At the time, we easily processed more than 500+ order each month.

So when I first became aware of the t-shirt fulfillment services The Printful offers, I thought they’d be my knight in shining armor that would rescue me from a slow demise.

Pause that fairy tale.

Sorta. [Read more…]

Website Reloaded: New Direction, Goals + Plans for the Future


The site looks bare. Yeah, I know. :) I’m working on that. I took time off to determine the future of my blog.

Part of that process is learning what value I can offer my readers and how to best present that information. During the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of launching various projects and I’ve discovered my passion is: selling products, marketing products, e-commerce, social media, community building, and internet marketing.

Once I made this realization, the rest came easily. I wiped my blog clean of outdated content. Worked on a design makeover. Now I’m creating fresh content based on everything I’ve learned.

I’ve had wins and losses. I’ll be sharing both.

I’m not an expert at e-commerce, so this blog will serve as a playground of ideas where I can test new concepts, document what’s working, and learn from my failures.

The site will be fully reloaded within a few more weeks. To be notified of the relaunch sign up for the newsletter or follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Thanks for being patient,