Make a Blog vs. Make a Website

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In my opinion, many web newbies get caught up in the whole blog vs. website debate while learning how to make a website. They are still confused as to which route they should go and I can’t blame them. With so much wrong information out on the web and arguments for both sides of the issue, which side is right?

There is no right side. All blogs are websites. Even if your blog only has one photo and a link to an email address, IT’S A WEBSITE! It would be a crappy website indeed, but a website none-the-less.

WordPress is considered blogging software, but in actually it’s not. WordPress is on the framework and core set of files which allows you to manage a website without an technical knowledge. To help better understand this concept and (of course prove a point), below is a list of 15 completely awesome websites that are powered by WordPress, but don’t resemble a blog.

Many websites online are quietly running the WordPress content management system in the background that aren’t typically categorized as blogs. Why? Because WordPress is free and the most popular open source platform to date. It’s easy to use with hundreds of tutorials online, quick to set up, there are thousands of good looking and free themes available.

Cara De Poker

Champagne Warehouse

Computer CC





International Screening Solutions

Network Solutions


Ript Apparel




Watersports Guru

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  • Website Builder

    I completely agree with this article. WordPress resolves the debate over whether having a blog or a website because here, you can have BOTH. Your frontpage can be static like a standard website and the blog is an inside page. I think this is the easiest and most practical approach. The nice thing about WordPress is it’s very flexible and portable and you can modify it however you want. Plus the plug-ins are great!

  • arsha

    Thanks! And for beginners its great! As a designer I started developing sites using Joomla. It was easy for me, but extremely painful to try and teach others to use it. Out of the box WordPress is easy to use and configure. It definitely made my life easier!